Easee charger Firmware v217

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    Stian (VP Product Excellence)
  • on 22-03-2020

New features

  • Scheduled charging (Only for Easee App users) - Supported via Easee App. It is possible to override the schedule to force start when a car is connected. The override lasts until the EV disconnects. Note that other systems on a circuit level (e.g. smart charging, load balancing etc.) may control the output current even if the schedule is overridden.
  • RFID pairing mode (Only for Easee App users) - Use the charger as an RFID scanner.
  • Load balancing over Easee Link WiFi - Use Easee link WiFi as a backup channel for local load balancing. This requires all chargers to be connected on the same Local WiFi network.


  • Improved charging speed on Audi e-tron on IT-3Phase
  • Cellular-wifi swap - Updated logic for WiFI / Cellular swap.
  • Improved load balancing - Improved the algorithm for load balancing to make it fairer.


  • Improved logic for WiFi search functionality 
  • Updated German translations