Installer App v1.3.3


  • You can input WiFi credentials by scanning Wifi Credential QR Codes, to help with WiFi credential input for backplates and Equalizers.
  • Toggle on/off load balancing for sites with Equalizers (in the Equalizer Details Page).
  • Max Charger Current can now be configured in the Backplate details page, for backplates with chargeberries attached.


  • More user friendly error displayed when you open the details of a site via the Ongoing sites / Site Key page when you don't have access to the site.
  • Adjusted the text in Circuit / Settings / Charging current to clarify that the parameter affects that specific circuit, not the whole site.


  • Should be able to read completely blank backplates.
  • Backplate NFC operations a lot more robust, so should be easier to read/write/wipe backplates using NFC.
  • Prevent setting circuit settings charging current fallback to non-sensical values. (anything below 6 is basically 0 anyway).