Easee Charger v283


  • Updated handling of erratic EV protection to retry charging in case EV functions as expected
  • Added support for connecting to a new cloud instance
  • Updated logic for Equalizer pairing, the charger will now only beep and flash green upon successful pairing
  • Improved temperature monitoring algorithms
  • Cable will not unlock when charging is paused, cable must be removed from EV for cable to unlock. If the permanent lock is enabled the cable must be unlocked from app as before.


  • Updated WiFi interface to prompt for additional fuse if fuse is set higher than 80A and the prompt
  • Updated logic for DynamicChargerCurrent and MaxChargerCurrent, setting another Dynamic charger current than 0 and 32 will now work. Info: Dynamic charger current will reset to max if the cable is unplugged
  • Updated logic for the duration of offline sessions to correct the time when time is synced properly