Easee App v1.5.2


  • Shows how much power is exported to the grid in the Equalizer Product card (displayed depending on meter type and some other factors.)
  • Ability to set the Current Transformer Ratio for Equalizers that require it.


  • Cosmetic adjustments and improved design for the Charger Consumption Page.
  • Adjusted wording in some of the more verbose languages to reduce text overflows.
  • Adjusted app bar styling for some bottom sheets.
  • Removing a product from the app is now slightly less intimidating, you can always add them back in if you want to.
  • Styling of Equalizer power indicators now slightly nicer and cleaner.
  • Cable Locking page adjusted slightly.


  • Charging session log now showing in local time, which lets be honest is a bit more useful than showing it in universal coordinated time.
  • Fixed alignment issues with charger consumption bar chart axis labels.
  • Legacy Delayed Start schedules that still have the ability to toggle repeat daily now has a switch that you can actually see.