Easee App v1.0.6


  • You can now re-arrange products and sites by clicking the main menu -> Products.
  • It is now possible to adjust the brightness of the chargers LED to various levels, even completely off.
  • Various smaller design tweaks and optimisations to make our app even more Easee!
  • Adjustments to the Product cards to make sure things still look good on small screens when you have lots of products added to the app.
  • Danish, Dutch, French, German and Swedish language support.
  • Some basic support for upcoming Easee Equaliser.
  • Limit Charge Current renamed to Max Charge Current, adjustments to function and the look and feel.
  • All help / info dialogs have been replaced with bottom sheets.
  • Updates to the Add Product help pages for Chargers.
  • If you've forgotten your chargers PIN code, or can't find it anywhere, you can request the PIN code after entering the serial for the Charge Robot.


  • Some Android devices got stuck on the Splash Screen, that shouldn't happen anymore.
  • You are no longer able to add a name to a site from the Product card action bar, if you don't have permission to do so.

Note: There has been a change to how the max charge current (Limit Charge Current) is set. Previous versions of the app set the dynamic circuit current, which is a property that is automatically adjusted by Tibber, and is also lost whenever the Charge Robot reboots. You might want to double-check the max charge current (Found in Site -> Power Management), to make sure it is what you expect.