Schedule does not work

Alan Eriksen

it just start charging when car is plugged in it does not wait for the shedule


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Stian (VP Product Excellence)

Status changed to: Fixed & released


Raymond Paulsen

I have similar issues, it starts when plugged in, even when the setting "remote start" is on. If i manualy pause the charger enable charge planer, then resume it will wait until charge start, then start. But it dont stop the charging when schedule ends.


Daniel. A

Status changed to: Under review


Alek Slater

Hi Alan.
We are actually working on improving the user interface and experience for this in the app, but since its not ready yet I can tell you a common issue in the scheduling bit.

So yeah, there's a setting at the bottom of the schedule sheet called "Repeat every day". Its off by default. When its off, it will only apply the schedule once, on the day you set it. After its "used" up, it won't apply the schedule anymore, even if the user interface makes it seem like it should.

So could you double check, is repeat every day ON or OFF ?
If its off, try to delete the schedule, and create it again, but with repeat every day set to ON.


Alan Eriksen

Fixed by homecharge.