Reduced charging current due to charger thinking it is offline

Stian (VP Product Excellence)

In fw 281 and above we have uncovered a fault in the logic of offline behaviour when chargers have an offline current set in the app.

The issue mostly affects Tibber customers with Tibber pulse and warty. Other customers who have set a lower charging current for when the charger is offline are also affected.

The charger will automatically switch to offline current even if the charger is online.

We are working on a permanent fix. In the meantime the only way to achieve max charging current is to set the offline current to max.

Be aware that if there is a loss of internet connection or a problem with the cloud the fuse may trip as the charger does not have a lower charging current.


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Two years?
Load balancing is the main function of the Equalizer and it's not working????


David Eriksson

Would really like to have two different max charge options running at once. One that's "when controller by Tibber" and one that's "when running stand alone".


Vidar Breivik

Just experienced the same. What if offline current can be ajusted in easee app? It’s just accessable now in the Tibber app, and Easee app or Cloud doesn’t access this setting when Easee or other are operator. I use Plugpay on one charger.



Any news of a fix for this?


Skjalg Andersen

I have noticed this problem with my charger. When can I expect it to be fixed?


Stian (VP Product Excellence)

Status changed to: Identified