Equilizer loadbalacing

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Raymond Paulsen

Equilizer is reducing Chargebot available power far to early.
when mainfuse is loaded 50% equilizer is reducing the available chargecurrent wit 70%

CB is conencted with 400v TN 3 phase
i have 40A mainfuse, 20A curcuit fuse. when L1 is loaded more then 16A and up to 20A equilizer is reducing chargebot current to 6-10A .

its clearly not functioning as it should.


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Stian (VP Product Excellence)

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Petter Engström

I've got the same issue. Main fuse is 20A and the charger circuit is 16A, also TN 3 phase.
The Equalizer is throttling the chargers way to hard. Even if the house only uses 3-4 A on each phase the charger only gets between 9-12 A.