Charging session not accurate

Nirmal Ramjee

When setting up the car to charge on a schedule, the charging session shows the full time the car has been plugged into the unit, and not the charging time. For example, the attached image shows that the charging session was from 18:30 to 07:30 but actually I had a schedule from 00:30 to 04:30. It would be good to see the actual time energy was used.


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Stephane Agnel

I vote for this ... use case behind is that it is complicated to know how long it really took to charge the XX KWh to make a forecast to calculate when loading should start to reach 100% ...
I personally do not see any difficulty to start counting time from the time the start is scheduled (unless overridden - I guess this is where the complexity is ;-) )


Alek Slater

Status changed to: Being fixed


Alek Slater

Working on it, but just FYI a charging session is defined as the time from you connect till you disconnect the cable.

Having a schedule or not does not change that fact.

We will of course try to make that clear in the apps, and yes soon we will have more accurate information and display real charging durations which is arguably more useful


Fredrik Greberg

Hello! Any news on this?