6A always available (not)

Henning Cederquist

The setting to enable 6A current at all times (in Swedish "Effekt vid alla tider") is not available outside an active schedule? So....then it is not available at all times, right?
I need it for preheating in the morning so please enable it also outside of a schedule.
AND/OR rename the function. :)


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Lasse G

This is very missleading in the app and you would assume it works unless you come here and deepdive on the issues. If this ”feature” is permanent the informationtext on Current at all times should be updated that it doesn’t work when you have a delayed start and/or schedule active. Which from another aspect defeats the pourpose of having a schedule or delayed start at all when you want to preheat or cool the car. So in a way, your s—t out of luck with this one.


Sebastian Spindeldreher

Yes, please add this function. As Mikkel wrote, please don't change the current one but just add this as additional option. This would be very useful!

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Mikkel Aronsen

I think you guys at Easee should create an own settings option in app under power settings for reserving 6A at all times regardless of schedule.
Call it “Always reserve 6A power for car”
And keep current one that activates only during schedule and Call it something like “Always reserve 6A power during Schedule” and make it so that only one of them can be active at a time. To not have one override the other

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Stian (VP Product Excellence)

At the moment we suggest changing the time of the schedule. Some users may want what you say but some users also want the schedule to be the "boss". We will look into adding some more descriptions to make this more clear :)