Summer / Winter - time

Fixed & released

Schedules are stored on chargers in UTC, which does not factor in daylight savings time. When creating schedules though, the user interacts with and adjusts it according to their own timezone. This is then transmitted to the charger in UTC. This used to mean that the schedule would have to be adjusted manually twice a year, but at least for some territories this is no longer required. Our system will now automatically adjust the stored schedules to compensate for daylight savings time in the following countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France. We will continue to expand this list of countries + cater for countries with more than 1 timezone going forwards. ====== Old Info Charger schedule does not take into account summer/Winter-time changes The charger currently does not currently take into account changes in time due to daylight savings (Winter/Summer) time. Any re-occurring schedule will be 1 hr wrong every time the time is changed from Summer to winter and vice versa. Please ensure that you manually update your schedules as daylight savings time is changed. The Easee app takes into account what the current time zone is when setting a schedule in the app. The charger just does not know if the time is changed due to daylight saving. When setting a schedule in the Easee app you should use the start and stop time you want as presented by the app.