Smart Home ioBroker integration

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Florian Delmar

It would be a big wish from me and many others if you could actively participate in the implementation.  github.com/ioBroker/AdapterRequests/issues/514  

You will surely gain some new customers who are also looking for a smart home connection for Homematic and ioBroker. Eq-3 which is behind Homematic is the market leader. ioBroker on the other hand can run as an addon in Homematic or stand alone. Both systems together have a huge range of users. 

Currently, only Keba wallboxes are available as adapters for integration into ioBroker, but they have other disadvantages. For example, the smallest charging power is 4 kw. PV systems rarely have this much surplus.

I hope very much for positive feedback.


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Dieter Gantenbein

It would be great to get the "Easee-Home" wallbox supported, e.g. in Code Red.


Tor Erik Skårdal

Status changed to: Implemented & Released



Apen API to use for HomeBridge or Home Assistant might be useful as well