Repeat Delayed start

Peter Lockner

I would like to be able to save a Delayed start time so I don't have to repeat that every Day. And that's because the week schedule doesn't work with My car.


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Alek Slater

Status changed to: In progress


Alek Slater

We've spotted a problem with weekly schedules in our Cloud APIs, so that probably explains why it wasnt working for you.

Hoping to fix this as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Alek Slater

Hi Peter.

The mechanism that powers delayed start is exactly the same that powers the week schedule.

There's a few issues in the Cloud with regard to creation or enabling of these schedules, that we are still working on, which in some cases results in the schedule not taking effect, or not ending up on the charger correctly.

One way to work around it is to disable / enable the week schedule a few times, which should hopefully get it to work. A way to verify whether a schedule has been stored on the charger, is if you start the app freshly (i.e. you've seen the splash screen), BEFORE you hit the schedule button, if you see some details around the schedule icon/button, then you know the schedule is stored on the charger.

But Would it be possible to elaborate, why does it not work for your car?