Re-resign how to remove a charger from the app

Kai Petzold

Currently the only way to remove a charging robot from the app when you have added it with SN and Pin is to swipe left on it under products. For the end users that is not something that springs to mind to test out, and is definitely more directed towards younger users. Would be good to have a place to click where it is more obvious. F.ex if you click and it shows some sort of menu where you can remove charger from app (with a confirmation), or in the settings for the charger where you can choose to remove your access to that charger.


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Alek Slater

You can also remove a Charger inside the Charger Settings / Commands page, but yes, I do fully understand this is a bit hidden away. But both these places to remove the charger only removes it from the app itself, this does not however remove your access from the Charger. It merely makes it so the charger does not persist or stay inside the app.

There is currently no way to remove your access from a charger using the app, it has to be done in the Portal. Typically an administrator will remove your access.

So could you explain a bit more as to the reasons why you want to remove access using the app? Any more contextual information might help us understand.