Equalizer: Set upper limit on power, not current

Kristian Hovde

Is it possible to add functionality to adjust power limits in kw as an alternative to A. This will be useful to control total power consumption according to the new electricity price model in Norway.


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This is also very relevant for Belgium, because since January 2023 the electricity bill is based on capacity tariff.

Currently we can configure each fuse of a phase with its actual A. This is good, and will prevent fuses to blow.
Next to that, we now want to limit the total kW usage, because we are billed extra for higher peaks.

Eg: I have 3-phases of 32A. but I want to limit the total usage to 5000kW. I can configure the A already, but I cannot limit the 5000kW.

@Tor Gunnar any update on this one? I see that it was changed more than a year ago to "Planned"...


Greg Skellorn

This would be very handy - I usually want to charge the car to only 80% full, so want to add a number of kW over a number of hours - the ability to limit the charge to a number of kW instead of amps would make the calculation a little easier.


Johan Holmberg

@Tor Gunnar, just read in news about EQ firmware 99, that you now support Eastron SDM72/630 Modbus meter, would that mean that I can, even if I don't have the HAN-port today, I can achieve load balancing by installing Eastron and connect the "Norwegian" Equaliser in Sweden. (Sorry for Hijacking the thread)


Tor Gunnar (PM)

Status changed to: Planned