EQ at different levels. Several EQs on one site.

Adam Ericsson

We at Assemblin Umeå have soon installed over 1000 Easee boxes.
More and more companies and Housing Associations buy your boxes through us. Therefore, we want you to place HIGHEST priority on solving so that we may have load balancing/Equalizer in several steps.
So that you can have load balancing on both the main fuse for an entire site and also on each circuit level.
This is be needed when installing charging boxes in existing buildings where the electrical system is not designed for charging from the start.
Which is the most common installation.


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Site owner -

Completely agree, as an interim solution I have suggested ability to schedule reduced circuit fuse, that way it would be possible to reduce available Amp for charge boxes during mornings in the winter so that it would be possible for gasoline cars to use car heater those hours.

For us, this applies to 1 of 4 circuits, a circuit which is located far away from our main central and is also used for electrical sockets for car heaters.