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Goran Matic

I have been using app and website for few months now and don’t know why is so difficult to see what was the charge time and consumption of power in easy scroll down list. Data is there but it’s poorly shown and accessible to detective. Also, is it possible to change light to red when charging and white or blue when isn’t ready to charge?


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Caroline Vorpenes

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Caroline Vorpenes

v 1.3.4 of the app adds charging logs and consumption for individual chargers, can be found in the "Charger consumption" on the product card. You can also see individual sessions with start and stop times.
More advanced consumption features in the works too + more detailed charging timing info.

You can also download consumption reports from the website which will give you a list of start and stop times for the charging sessions and the amount of energy - all within the date range you select :)

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Kenneth Nielsen

Thank you for this nice update 👍

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