Add Easee Keys to Consumption Report in Easee App

Fabian Weller

I like the new consumption report (charging robot individual) directly out of the Easee app.
All charging sessions are displayed, but the report misses the important column of the used Easee Key for each charging session.

Could you add this column to the report?
It would be helpful to know who did the charging session.

Additionally, it would be absolutely amazing to have the possibility to choose in the Easee App, which type of report is requested for. So the same possible selections, that are already available in the Easee Cloud. Reports per Easee Key, per Charger, etc.


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Tobias Wenner

We just got our second EV today. So this is something really important to be added. We also would like to add a 3 key when a friend comes and visit. So that he can charge and we still know which consumption belog to which car. 👍🏻


Caroline Vorpenes

Thank you for your input. This is already in our plans and should hopefully be released within the next three months :)

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Caroline Vorpenes

Status changed to: Planned